SSG E170 and E195 Evolution Updated to V1.2, X-Plane 11

Supercritical Simulations Group or SSG has updated the developers Embraer 170 and 195 Evolution products for X-Plane 11 up to version 1.2.  The latest update offers a number of enhancements, improvements, and fixes.  Moreover, the update includes a brand new Navdata installer.

Check out a full changelog below according to the developer.

SSG Team is extremely happy to announce two long awaited releases, SSG E-170 and E-195 ver 1.2

We are also including brand new  Navdata Installer that will do the process of creating appropriate folders and moving data included in the package totally automatic.

There is a document in Navdata INstallers folder called Nav Data Installer Readme but a quick description here just in case someone miss it.

Navdata Installer is intended for the new users who do not have nav data folders created properly yet. If you do have nav data from Navigraph already set, do not use the installer as it will install slightly older but free data that come with the package.

For Windows run the SSG_AIRAC_1707_XP**_Install.exe file

For Mac run the SSG_AIRAC_1707_XP**_Install.pkg file

Make sure that you select your root X-Plane folder when requested by the installer so that it can
place the necessary files in their proper locations.

Changelog content below.

  1.      LNAV at 200 and VNAV at 400ft
  2.     Improved Autoland and follow localizer
  3.     Now it is possible to select FMS without Route
  4.     New CDU and ND popup Windows
  5.     Fixed bug about fuel remaining at descent page
  6.     UTC was not properly computed at NAV Ident PAGE
  7.     VASEL is not shown as armed when VNAV Active
  8.     Throttle can be managed when landing
  9.     Enter temperature on digit at TRS PAGE
  10.     Fuel Prediction improved
  11.     Correct number Page At RTE Page
  12.     Waypoint Altitude restriction respected without extreme vertical speed
  13.     added LIM and OVRD A/P feature
  14.     Fixed  AP sound  when landing
  15.     Fixed  glass rain graphic glitch  when on the ground
  16.     Tuned landing gear
  17.     Tuned steering time
  18.     Added T.O. Config ok sound
  19.     Fixed autogate not working in XP 11.xx
  20.     New strobe and beacon lights, now with ground reflections
  21.     Default ground vehicle configuration fixes
  22.     Better cockpit night lighting.


To review the original update announcement, visit the applicable thread over at the forums.  If you’d like to learn more about the Embraer 170 Evolution or Embraer 195 Evolution, check out the respective product pages.

*Image courtesy of Supercritical Simulations Group.

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