SXAirportDesign Previews KHOU, Houston Hobby

SXAirportDesign has released a new set of preview captures showcasing the developers upcoming KHOU, William P. Hobby Airport scenery for FSX and Prepar3D.  Accompanying the preview images, the developer comments, “90% of modelling and texturing has been completed. All that remains are a few buildings, SODE jetways, night lighting, GP AO and vehicle & vegetation placement!”.

Although the developer is not known for top tier scenery renditions, the team does address smaller airfields currently void of third party attention.  As long as expectations are measured, SXAirportDesign offers a value based product at a relatively low price.

Please see below for a selection of preview images.

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According to the developer, the design process proved to be more complicated than initially thought, nevertheless, this one should be coming sooner than later.

To review the original imagery source and associated commentary, see the developers Facebook page.  If you’d like to learn more about SXAirportDesign, visit the developers official website.

*Images courtesy of SXAirportDesign.

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