AOA indirectly posts update regarding X-Plane 11.50 and Vulkan

The team at AOA have indirectly posted a small update regarding X-Plane 11.50 and Vulkan compatibility. Basically, according to AOA, the T-7A works ‘perfectly’ in XP11.50 running Vulkan. However, Laminar is currently rewriting the VRAM management logic to fix blurry textures so ‘don’t expect a public beta soon.’ Source: Facebook

Now Final, X-Plane 11.36

Laminar Research has released X-Plane 11.36 – the build is now final. According to the official release announcement: X-Plane 11.36 is a minor patch that includes a pretty phenomenal improvement: bungee steering for the default Cessna 172. We worked with a few real world pilots on this change, and they confirm it truly captures the feel of steering a real C172 around an airport. The wheel can be steered through rudder linkage up to a small deflection angle, and by … Read More

X-Plane Mobile, Update News

The team at Laminar Research have posted a new teaser image and some additional information regarding the upcoming (major) update for X-Plane Mobile. According to a post via Facebook, “Our X-Plane Mobile update schedule has changed a bit but that is because we decided to do even more with this update. We can’t wait to share more this fall!” Shortly thereafter, the developer provides some further clarification, “New Plan: Add global scenery, introduce over 10,000 desktop-quality 3D airports, redo the … Read More

X-Plane 11, Vulkan Test Flight

The development team at Laminar Research have shared an interesting post (including screenshots) regarding a recent test flight using Vulkan API in X-Plane 11. The post describes a flight between Melbourne and Sydney using an unmodified ToLiss Airbus A319 and further addresses third party aircraft compatibility. The results look very promising. For context purposes, many are expecting, or at least hoping for a significant performance increase when Vulkan is fully implemented. Anyway, please see below for the complete post. Bring … Read More

X-Plane 11.40 Flight Model Changes + Developer Preview

Austin Meyer of Laminar Research and Michael Brown of X-Force PC have jointly posted an interesting YouTube video addressing flight model changes in regard to X-Plane 11.40. Moreover, the X-Plane development team have provided a public download link for those who would like to test the latest version (designated 11.40 Developer Preview 1) for themselves. Please see below for the complete announcement titled, “Super Secret Austin Meyer Unofficial X-Plane 11.40 Beta.” Pssst! Austin Meyer has been working hard on the … Read More

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