LatinVFR Miami, V5 Now Available

UNITED STATES – LatinVFR has released KMIA, Miami International Airport V5 for Prepar3D V4.4+. The scenery is a comprehensive and wide-ranging upgrade to the previous version. Features include native PBR ground and building textures, over 200 square kilometres of photoreal coverage, PBR city buildings covering Miami Beach from Bay Harbor to Key Biscayne, slippery conditions for runways and taxiways, custom animated airport vehicles, and much more. Additionally, the update implements SODE PBR jetways, SODE controlled lighting, and SODE rain effects … Read More

LatinVFR KMIA Update, North Terminal

UNITED STATES – First announced just yesterday, LatinVFR has posted a couple more preview images from the developers upcoming product update for Miami International Airport (Prepar3D V4.4+ only). Specifically, the screenshots highlight the North Terminal structure. You may recall, the update is expected to include native PBR ground and building textures, new jetways (also with PBR), wet effects, additional objects, numerous fixes, and expanded city coverage. According to LatinVFR, release is ” coming this month!” For more information about the … Read More

LatinVFR Miami, Upcoming Update

UNITED STATES – LatinVFR has shared some new preview images showcasing an upcoming product update for the developers existing Miami International Airport scenery. The update is applicable to Prepar3D V4.4+ only and features native PBR ground and building textures, new jetways also with PBR, wet effects, additional objects, and various fixes. Moreover, the update includes expanded city coverage and photo scenery (including Miami Beach). However, perhaps most important, release is tentatively planned by the end of this month. Check out … Read More

LatinVFR New Orleans, Version 1.3

UNITED STATES –  LatinVFR has released a new product update for the developers KMSY, Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport – Prepar3D V4.4+. The latest release brings the software up to Version 1.3 and features a number of fixes to the existing scenery build. Please see below for a complete update changelog. ———————————— [Version 1.3] Before installing this new version please make sure you uninstall fully KMSY V1.2. To find the uninstaller go to P3D/LatinVFR/New Orleans_KMSY folder. Fixed some flickering … Read More

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