MilViz King Air 350i – hotfix teaser

MilViz has posted a single teaser image showcasing an upcoming hotfix for the King Air 350i – P3DV5. According to the developer, “The KA team have been working tirelessly to refine the sim and eliminate bugs. Hopefully tomorrow’s build will pass muster with release soon after.” The pic highlights the 2D “undockable avionics screens.” Image: MilViz Source: Facebook

MilViz MD 530F PBR for P3DV4 now available

MilViz has released the MD 530F PBR for P3DV4. According to the developer, the release ‘brings together everything you’ve come to expect from Milviz; extremely detailed modelling and refined graphical excellence, superb night lighting, smoothly modeled gauges, highly accurate systems, realistic avionics and excellent flight dynamics.’ The heli is priced at $39.99 USD – owners of the previous version are entitled to an upgrade discount but will need to contact MilViz for more info. Images: MilViz Source: MilViz

MilViz T-38A Redux, Now Available

MilViz has released the T-38A Redux for Prepar3D V4.5. The aircraft is a highly detailed and realistic rendition of the real world type. According to the product sales page. We are very proud to announce our advanced version of the T-38A, significantly raising the bar on what’s possible in your simulator. This release represents one of the most accurate and detailed simulations of a military aircraft to exist within the MS Flight Simulator / P3D environment. The real life T-38A … Read More

MilViz Northrop T-38A Talon, External Teaser

MilViz has shared a new teaser image showcasing the developers Northrop T-38A Talon for Prepar3D V4. The screenshot highlights the external aircraft model as well as PBR materials. According to the image description, “Advanced Series T-38A” along with the hashtags #PBR, #PhysicallyBasedRendering, and #Prepar3Dv4. No further information was provided. The model is an earlier two seat version of the T-38C (which is already available by MilViz). To view the original teaser image and accompanying commentary, see the source post via … Read More

[Released] Milviz Pilatus PC-6 Porter for FSX, New Previews + Coming Soon

UPDATE: Further to our original article, the aircraft has now been released. First announced back in July, MilViz has posted some new preview images showcasing the developers upcoming Pilatus PC-6 Porter for FSX Steam Edition. In fact, the product page is now live although the aircraft is not yet available for purchase, rather, “coming soon.” Keep in mind, the model is already available for Prepar3D V4.5 and the project represents a departure from the recent decision to end legacy platform development. … Read More

Milviz DHC-3T Turbo Otter for X-Plane 11, “Nearing Completion”

Following a similar post back in June stating the aircraft is “coming soon,” MilViz has shared another brief status update regarding the DHC-3T Turbo Otter for X-Plane 11. According to the developer (alongside a new teaser image), “Milviz DHC3-T for X-Plane 11 nearing completion.” Keep in mind, the Turbo Otter represents the developers second X-Plane conversion following the Cessna T310R. To view the original teaser image and related commentary, see the source post via Facebook. Please note, the product page … Read More

Milviz DHC-3T Turbo Otter Coming Soon for X-Plane 11

MilViz has officially announced the DHC-3T Turbo Otter for X-Plane 11. The project represents the developers second X-Plane conversion following the Cessna T310R. According to MilViz, “Our turbine-engined Otter provides a nuanced flight model that closely replicates the real deal with top-notch modeling and textures, custom systems programming, and a ton of configurable options!” Moreover, release is “coming soon.” Please see below for a product features list. ————————— Professionally created & tuned, high fidelity flight model including accurate characteristics specific … Read More

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