Nimbus Huey for X-Plane 11, Released

After much anticipation, Nimbus Simulation Studios has released the Huey for X-Plane 11. The helicopter is a highly detailed and comprehensive representation of the real world type. Features include high quality modeling, 4K textures, PBR materials, accurate flight characteristics, custom sounds, usable side mounted guns, and much more. Check out some release images below. The official video trailer is also available via YouTube. Next, see a product features list. Features High quality 3D model PBR textures High quality 4K textures … Read More

Nimbus Huey Coming Very Soon

Developer Nimbus Simulation Studios has posted a large set of preview images as well as an important status update regarding the Huey for X-Plane 11. According to Nimbus, RC2 is currently being uploaded and “…I’m confident it will be the last RC before release so get you helmet and start practicing some hovers and landings.” Check out a small selection of preview images below. To view the complete set, see the source post via Facebook. For those interested, we last … Read More

Nimbus Huey Coming Soon + New Preview Video

Developer Nimbus Simulation Studios has once again posted a new preview video showcasing the Huey for X-Plane 11. According to the accompanying caption, “In this video we show a few of the features of the soon to be release[d] Huey for [X-Plane] 11. High quality textures, sounds, flight model and visual effects will make you feel like you are flying it, are you ready?” Moreover, via Facebook, the developer notes that the project is currently at Beta 4 but is … Read More

Nimbus Huey, Teaser Video

Nimbus has posted a new teaser video showcasing the developers in progress Huey for X-Plane 11. According to the video caption, “Startup, takeoff, landing and flight around St. Barts, both helicopter and scenery by Nimbus Simulation Studios.” No additional information or release timeline was provided. You may recall, the team also posted some exterior captures back in late April. For more information about Nimbus, check out the developers official Facebook page. Other projects currently underway include Memphis¬†and a major upgrade … Read More

Nimbus Huey, Exterior Captures

Nimbus has once again posted some new preview images showcasing the developers upcoming Huey for X-Plane 11. Specifically, the screenshots highlight the exterior helicopter model. According to Nimbus, “It’s just too much fun to fly her.” Please note, no additional information nor a projected release timeline was provided. To view the original preview images as well as accompanying commentary, see the source post via Facebook. You may recall, earlier this month, the developer also previewed the Huey maintenance module. *Images … Read More

Nimbus Huey, Maintenance Module

Nimbus Simulation Studios has shared some additional information regarding the maintenance module to be included as part of the developers upcoming Huey for X-Plane 11. Basically, the system will include two options, “realistic” and “always like new.” The “realistic” option will accumulate wear and damage according to flight activities, this includes oil, battery, hydraulic fluid, and other such items. According to the developer, “The maintenance is a very simple procedure, you will only have to click the item you want … Read More

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