Pilot Experience Sim Bordeaux–Merignac now available

FRANCE – Pilot Experience Sim has released Bordeaux–Merignac (LFBD) for Prepar3D V4. The scenery is a detailed an comprehensive rendition of the real world airport facility. Features include PBR throughout, window reflections, photoreal aerial imagery, night effects, 2K and 4K options, realistic vegetation, animated flags, HD night environment, and much more… Read More

PES Bordeaux–Merignac is imminent

FRANCE – Pilot Experience Sim has posted the final set of preview images as well as a comprehensive product description in regard to Bordeaux–Merignac (LFBD) for Prepar3D V4. To briefly summarize, features include include high resolution textures… Read More

PES Bordeaux–Merignac dynamic night lighting complete

FRANCE – It’s almost here, Pilot Experience Sim is nearing completion of Bordeaux–Merignac (LFBD) for Prepar3D V4. According to the developer, dynamic night lighting “is finished.” Perhaps most important, the team will soon start finalizing the scenery build. The next preview set will be the “officials.” Images: Pilot Experience Sim Source: Facebook

PES Bordeaux–Merignac – first full flight test

FRANCE – Pilot Experience Sim has posted a couple new images showcasing the developers upcoming Bordeaux–Merignac (LFBD) scenery. The screenshots are captured from the ‘first full flight test’ between Montpellier and Bordeaux. Keep in mind, release is coming soon. Images: Pilot Experience Sim Source: Facebook

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