Flight One Software Issues Statement Regarding Possible Data Breach

Flight One Software has issued a statement regarding a possible data breach that may have affected numerous user accounts. Please see below for the complete statement issued via email. Important Information: Yesterday, September 5, 2019, Flight1 was notified that some of our customer data was found on the internet. We are posting what we have discovered. First, Flight1 is a data-minimum company. We do not store more data than what is required to provide our service and we do not … Read More

[UPDATE] The FlightSim Store, Website Unavailable

UPDATE: Further to the below article posted back in February, The Flightsim Store website is once again (basically) unavailable. It is unknown if this represents the final closure or another temporary break in service. Back in November, The FlightSim Store announced that they would be closing down in the coming weeks. However, despite this announcement, the website continued to operate for almost three months. Nonetheless, as of today, the website is now basically offline. The home page has been replaced … Read More

The FlightSim Store, Closing in the Coming Weeks

Any many months of customer dissatisfaction and developer warnings, The FlightSim Store has finally announced the impending closure of the online store.  Specifically, the website launched a Liquidation Sale via Facebook.  Within the comments section, one individual asked if the store was actually closing, in response, The FlightSim Store writes, “unfortunately due to several financial pressures the business has experienced over the last 12 months the decision has indeed been made to close the store in the coming weeks.” As … Read More