PMDG January update

Robert Randazzo of PMDG has posted a comprehensive status update addressing various items including the NGXu 600/700 expansion, Operations Center, Global Flight Operations, and numerous pending aircraft updates. Source: PMDG forums

Pilot Experience Sim Tomato Shade Preset V1, Now Available

Pilot Experience Sim has released the developers official Tomato Shade Preset (V1) for Prepar3D V4.4+. According to PES and per the download page, the configuration provides “wonderful and [realistic] colors and reflections in your simulator.” The preset is offered completely free of charge. Check out some release images below. If you’d like to review the original release announcement, see the source post via Facebook. Alternatively, to download, visit the shop section of the developers website.

FS2Crew Ultimate Ground Crew X, Towing Teaser

FS2Crew has posted a new teaser image and brief progress update in regard to the developers upcoming Ultimate Ground Crew X ground services addon for FSX and Prepar3D. The teaser image illustrates the PMDG Boeing 737 during part of the towing sequence. According to FS2Crew, “Yes, UGCX can tow you anywhere.” Moreover, with respect to project status, the developer notes that UGCX has entered the “home stretch.” The original post is available via the developers Facebook page. For those interested, … Read More

FS2Crew Ultimate Ground Crew X, Ramp Agents

FS2Crew has once again posted a new teaser image and brief status update with respect to the developers upcoming Ultimate Ground Crew X software addon (for FSX and Prepar3D). In regard to the teaser image, the capture offers a peek at ground crew characters – according to FS2Crew, ramp agents wear different clothes based on season and even wear sunglasses when sunny. Moreover, last week, the developer disclosed that the release target was only two weeks away. Today, the team … Read More

FS2Crew Ultimate Ground Crew X, Coming Soon

FS2Crew has posted a brief status update with regard to the developers upcoming Ultimate Ground Crew X software addon (for FSX and Prepar3D). Perhaps most important, according to byork of FS2Crew, the current release target is only two weeks away. Please see below for the compete status update. Ladies and Gents, Thought I’d update you all on UGCX… our contender for the “Longest FS addon under development in history” award. The target release is 2 weeks from now. Again, this is … Read More

FS2Crew Flight Sim Labs Airbus Edition, V1.1

FS2Crew has released Version 1.1 Final (as well as the official video trailer) in regard to the Flight Sim Labs Airbus Edition for Prepar3D V4. The update is described as “massive” and “huge” and features a number of wide-ranging product improvements.To obtain the update, simply login to your FS2Crew account and re-download and re-install. Please see below for a list of changes V1.1 FINAL The Trailer has finally arrived! Better late than never. Voice commands “YOU HAVE CONTROL” / “I … Read More

Orbx Central Now Live

Orbx Central is now live for Windows, MacOS, and Linux. The software is a comprehensive and wide-ranging upgrade to FTX Central 3. According to Ben McClintock, “Orbx Central greatly improves the purchase, download, and install process for Orbx products. We’ve designed it from the ground up to be easy to use.” Please see below for a list of key features. Cross-Platform: whether you use Windows, macOS or Linux, Orbx Central will work for you. Modern UI: the user interface has … Read More

Version 1.1 Beta Screenshots, xAmbience by HighSkyTech

HighSkyTech has released a new set of preview images from the developers upcoming Version 1.1.0 update for xAmbience – X-Plane 11.30+. According to a post via Facebook, “xAmbience 1.1.0 beta screenshots.” No further information or release timeline was provided. For those unfamiliar with the software, xAmbience is a powerful environmental addon which features seasonal effects (such as snow), new cloud rendering effects. improved atmospheric and lighting features, custom water systems, and more. Check out the previews below. To view the … Read More

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