VSkyLabs Aeros-2 Trike Coming Soon

VSkyLabs has posted a new teaser image and detailed progress update in regard to the developers upcoming Aeros-2 Trike Project for X-Plane 11. However, perhaps most important, release is “coming soon.” Please see below for the … READ MORE

VSkyLabs Heinkel He 162, VR Demo

Developer VSkyLabs has posted a new preview video showcasing the upcoming Heinkel He 162 for X-Plane 11. The video includes clips from initial VR sessions. Moreover, the team provides a brief progress update as well as … READ MORE

VSkyLabs Flight Design CTLS, Released

As anticipated, VSkyLabs has released the Flight Design CTLS for X-Plane 11. The aircraft is a detailed representation of the real world type designed specifically for X-Plane’s “Experimental Flight Model” mode. Features include full VR compatibility, … READ MORE

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