Tailstrike Announces Reggio Calabria Airport

Tailstrike Designs has indirectly announced one of the developers next projects for Prepar3D V4.  Specifically, Tailstrike posted an early development render alongside the caption, “Hi guys, this is just one of our 2 projects, can you guess what airport is this?”  The project was quickly identified as LICR, Reggio Calabria Airport.

For those unfamiliar, the airport is a relatively small commercial facility located near Reggio in southern Calabria, Italy.  Airlines serving the airport include Alitalia, Blue Air, and Blue Panorama Airlines.

Check out the development render below.

Moreover, with regards to a possible version for X-Plane 11, the developer notes via the Facebook comments section, “X-Plane is on our plans.”  To review the original preview post, visit the developers official Facebook page.

On a related note, Tailstrike released Bergamo not long ago, see our post dated October 31, 2018 for more.

*Image courtesy of Tailstrike Designs.

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