TFDi Design Boeing 717, Version

TFDi Design has released update version with regards to the developers Boeing 717 aircraft.  The update available via the community opt-in beta is a testbed for the upcoming full version 1.1 release expected July 17, 2018.  Said update offers numerous bug fixes and improvements including a reworked external model.

Please note, the below capture is simply a feature photo and not representative of the updated external model.

See a complete version changelog according to the developer.

[ADDED] Significant amounts of detail (rivets, seams, dirt, labels, etc.) to exterior textures
[ADDED] New landing gear, landing gear bay, and tire textures
[ADDED] Wingflex
[ADDED] 3D nose ridges
[ADDED] Various chrome surfaces where applicable
[ADDED] Ribbed effect on relevant exterior surfaces
[ADDED] Cabin lights on exterior model
[ADDED] Fan blade blur states
[ADDED] Additional details to the GAU and GPU ports
[ADDED] Various missing static wicks
[FIXED] Incorrect pilot size on exterior model
[FIXED] A night lighting issue on the cargo smoke test button
[FIXED] A night lighting issue on the battery switch
[FIXED] Incorrect beacon light shape
[FIXED] Another issue that could cause a black rectangle over certain ND elements
[CHANGED] Optimized external model
[CHANGED] Various materials for better light and reflection response
[CHANGED] Remodeled wing and fixed various associated bugs
[CHANGED] Remapped aircraft for easier painting*

*As a result of this mapping change, previous repaints will be incompatible and only a white livery has been provided for this beta release. More liveries will be available on or before 7/17/2018, along with the paint kit.

It’s certainly nice to see this product continuing to evolve and mature.  As always, stay tuned for more.

To review the original changelog announcement, jump to the source thread via the TFDi Design forums.  If you’d like to learn more about the aircraft, visit the official product page via the developers website.

*Image courtesy of TFDi Design.

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