The Captain Sim Boeing 767 Captain II is now compatible with P3Dv5

Image: airmail creative

Captain Sim has released a new product update for the Boeing 767 Captain II (early access) base pack. The update brings the software up to v0.96 and includes various fixes as well as compatibility with Prepar3D v5. I’ve got to say, the aircraft is actually pretty great, at least in my experience (yes, I broke down and bought it).

The update is available for download here. Alternatively, for those interested, the aircraft is priced at $99.76 USD (which is discounted) and is available via Captain Sim.

Please see below for a complete update changelog.

VERSION 0.96 (22MAY’20)

New features:

  • Installer, PBR, fx lights for P3D5.


  • Inboard ailerons retract 5 degrees when the trailing edge flaps are BEYOND 25 degrees, not at 25 degrees.

  • Inboard aileron droop begins at 5 degrees, not 15.

  • The indication doesn’t move from Vref30+80 to Vref30+60 when Flaps 1 are extended.

  • FMC fuel used is recorded incorrectly.

  • ACE improved.

  • The engines spool down timing improved.

Source: Captain Sim

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