[UPDATE] The FlightSim Store, Website Unavailable

UPDATE: Further to the below article posted back in February, The Flightsim Store website is once again (basically) unavailable. It is unknown if this represents the final closure or another temporary break in service.

Back in November, The FlightSim Store announced that they would be closing down in the coming weeks. However, despite this announcement, the website continued to operate for almost three months. Nonetheless, as of today, the website is now basically offline. The home page has been replaced with a message stating that the website is “temporarily unavailable” due to server changes. It is unknown if this represents a permanent shut down or simply a temporary break in service. Keep in mind, the store has not communicated any new information since the original closure announcement.

There is no information as to the status of various outstanding claims against The FlightSim Store for nonpayment of sale proceeds.

*Background image and logo courtesy of The FlightSim Store Facebook page.

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  • I get some businesses fail, but the way in which the owner of this one has treated customers and developers is appaling. And now to carry on with this silly ‘Site down to upgrade servers to better serve customers’ baloney is just further salt in the wounds of people who have been duped out of their money by this charlatan.

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