ToLiss Airbus 319, Version 1.1.1 Released

ToLiss Simulation Solutions has released version 1.1.1 with regards to the developers Airbus 319 for X-Plane 10 and 11.  The latest update corrects the majority of bugs from the previous version 1.1 release.  Certainly appears to be a fairly comprehensive and detailed product update.

ToLiss Simulation Airbus 319 Update V1.1.1

Please see below for a complete update changelog and description according to the developer.

V1.1.1 has been released to fix the majority of bugs in V1.1.

You can retrieve the new version via the updater or by redownloading from the .org-store.

Here is the changelog:

Changes from build 936 (v1.1) to build 939 (V1.1.1)

Minor new features:
– ESC key can now be used to close the ISCS.
– Improved CI-Mach relationship
– Implemented an external volume slide to adjust external vs internal volumes to users preferences.
– The default x-plane commands for EFIS mode change and Map zoom in now work on the captain ND
– “Resume from last time” – can be used to restore the last autosave (in case of crashes) or the last aircraft state when Xplane was shut-down/the ToLiss unloaded.
– Gear animation in replay mode is now much smoother.
– Texture updates from Matthew

Bug fixes:
– Fixed the issue with Crashes on Take-off when random faults are enabled
– Fixed automatic Sharklet/Winglet selection based on livery string.
– Fixed the crashes occuring when scrolling through the flight plan with ND set to mode PLAN
– Made display of AUTO BRK Memo more accurate
– Added performance parameters to the list of parameters to be cleared on FMGS reset after landing
– Increased park brake pressure to value listed in AMM
– Some FMGS bug fixes for particular SIDs/STARs/VIAs.
– Fine tuned cruise-fuel consumption.
– Fixed a FMGS bug leading to the program hanging in the vertical prediction under certain circumstances.
– Fix for Transponder issues with third party traffic/ATC add-ons.
– Increased lighting distance for landing, taxi, and runway turn-off lights.
– Fixed issues with the Doppler Effect during flybys.

Great to see the developer correcting outstanding issues and deficiencies.

To review the original update release announcement, jump to the source post via the developers official Facebook page.  If you’d like to learn more about the ToLiss Airbus 319, visit the product page via the store.

*Image courtesy of ToLiss Simulation Solutions.

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