TorqueSim Pocket Rocket, Ongoing Progress

TorqueSim has posted several new preview images demonstrating ongoing progress with respect to the developers Pocket Rocket for X-Plane 11.  Moreover, regarding current project status, the developer remarks, “The Pocket Rocket is fully textured and now working on finishing touch details in substance painter, PBR and Paint kit…  Last things will be to tie in the systems, animations and FMOD…  We are making it so you can change the color of specific interior details like the seats, panel and throttle quadrant with ease as long as you know how to work photoshop and navigate layers.”

Check out the latest preview images below.

Loading Images

To review the original imagery source as well as accompanying commentary, join the developers closed Facebook group.  Keep in mind, TorqueSim is a joint partnership between Advanced Flight Modeling and Attitude Simulations.

*Images courtesy of TorqueSim.

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