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Russell Linn of Turbulent Designs has announced that the company will be leaving the simulation/scenery industry. According to Russell, “As many of you are aware, the aviation industry is a small part of our business, so we feel that we need to focus all our attention on the larger part of our business and projects.”

However, on a more positive note, co-founder Greg Jones will be joining Orbx “to follow his passion in aviation/simulation.”

Please see below for the complete announcement.

Hey all!

I would just like to take this moment to make a few announcements. There are a few reasons why we have come to these decisions, and we are sure you will agree that it is all for the better.

Turbulent Designs

We would like to announce our departure from the Simulation/Scenery industry.

Thank you to everyone for your support over the last 7 years. It has truly been an amazing ride, and we have made many friendships and partnerships over the years that we value greatly.

As many of you are aware, the aviation industry is a small part of our business, so we feel that we need to focus all our attention on the larger part of our business and projects.

You never know, we may meet again.

Greg Jones

Turbulent Designs was originally founded by me and Greg Jones. So, it will come as no surprise when I say how sad we all are to announce Greg Jones’ departure from Turbulent Designs.

But it is not all bad news. Greg Jones will be leaving to follow his passion in aviation/simulation and will be joining Orbx Simulations.

We wish you the best of luck in the future, Greg!

TerraFlora v2

For TerraFlora P3D customers, do not forget that TerraFlora v2 has just been announced by Orbx. It will be on Orbx Direct very soon and TFv1 customers will be entitled to upgrade pricing using their existing key.

Turbulent Products & Our Customers

We would like to take this opportunity to apologise for the lack of quick support response. One of the reasons we wish to depart this industry is to make sure our customers receive the best support as possible.

As a result, we are transferring all our airports to Greg Jones, whom will be selling them via Orbx Direct, where you will receive the prompt support and updates that you deserve.

If you have bought an airport from us that is currently not on Orbx Direct, you will be able to add it to your Orbx Direct account for free using the license key you received from us on purchase, the moment it has been released on Orbx Direct.

As always, if you have any support issues that involve your Turbulent account, please contact us on: contactus@turbulentfs.co.uk

All customers will be able to download their purchases from the Turbulent website until they are released on Orbx Direct.

If you have any technical issues regarding an airport you have purchased, please hold for the release of the airport on Orbx Direct, as these issues will most likely have been resolved by then.

The following products are to be transferred to Orbx Direct. If your product is not listed, it is likely already there, so please head over to the Orbx forum for support on that product:

  • X-Plane – KIDA Idaho Falls

  • X-Plane – MBS International Airport

You can check your purchased to review you license keys, here: https://www.turbulentdesigns.co.uk/my-account/orders/

Thank you again to everyone for their support over the years.

Russell Linn
Turbulent Designs

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