UK2000 Introduces New HD Scenery System

After more than six months of work, UK2000 has introduced the developers new HD scenery system. In essence, the goal was to improve the overall standard of UK2000 airports and take advantage of the latest flight simulator platforms and video cards. These methods will be applied to future scenery products as well as various older airports including Bristol, Luton, and Glasgow.

Please see below for the complete introduction.

Announcing UK2000 New HD scenery system

We have been hard at work over the past 6 months making a new workflow, textures and tools to ensure UK2000 scenery can continue to improve its airport products. The goal was to increase texture resolutions and model details to take advantage of modern graphics card capabilities and new flights sim shaders. New and updated airports will be aimed at the latest Prepar3D and Xplane versions, but will continue to create FSX scenery (for now, but may change). FSX users may experience a heavy scenery load than older products, but most users will be fine. If you do get ‘OOm’ issues in FSX, then is is time to upgrade to a 64bit flight sim.

When we design an airport scenery, we always treat it as a flightsim and NOT a ‘FPS’ or car sim. That means objects you see from your aircraft should be hi-res and good detail, object away from the aircraft can have less detail. This enables better performance for the typical FS users. The airport is split up to primary and secondary areas, the primary will have 2X-4X texture increase from previous work, and secondary will be 2X. In addition to the texture resolution multi materials are used do achieve a more realistic feel here are some examples.

Image 1 show P3DV4.5 PBR Ashalt with secular effects, notice the extra reflection of light on the painted lines.

Image 2 show the PBR ashalt texture.

Image 3 show the new Hi-res fence with real 3D fence posts, and multi parts Gates.

Image 4 and 5, you cant tell much in this static image, but both the tower has a bump map/reflective metal cladding and the hanger floor has a bump map/reflective (polished) floor.

Image 6 The van here again has a reflection, you can see the easyJet reflection in its side.

The ground imagery has now switched to an all terrain photo system for FSX and P3D. This means we can match seasonal changes with FTX which has always been a big problem using the old tile system.

We now use some 2048 pixel size textures. To ensure you see these in all there detail you have to set your P3D texture slider to ‘Massive’. If you use FSX, your default maximum texture size is 1024, so these 2048 texture will be reduced to 1024. Now you can see 2048 images in FSX, but you have to be prepared to edit your FSX.CFG, once edited you can never touch your GUI settings again, or it will get reset back to 1024 (another reason to upgrade to P3D or Xplane)

If you do choose to stick with 1024 textures, then the scenery will still look good, but will lack the sharpness of the 2048 textures.

The UK2000 Common Library have been updated. This is a on going process, some older model are still used, but these will be replaced with far better models over time, here are some examples:

Image 7 New Hi-res Airstairs.

Image 8 New Hi-res bush back tug.

Image 9 Detailed fuel pumps.

All these new methods will be applied to remakes. So After Inverness is released, we will update Bristol, Luton and Glasgow.

And the preview images in order.

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In other news, the team also posted some new previews from Inverness back in late August.

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