UK2000 Scenery, Future Development Planning

UK2000 2019 Development Update

UK2000 has posted a brief statement concerning future scenery development. To provide some context, back in October 2018, the team announced a temporary hiatus from new airport development in an effort to implement a more advanced scenery design system. According to the original announcement, “…any big airport changes or new [airports or remakes] will not be made until at least 2020.” However, it appears this plan has now changed.

Specifically, according to a post via Facebook, “We will have to admit, we are trying to do too much in one go here. We have made some progress in our goals, but at this rate we will be out of business […] before [i]t’s finished.” Accordingly, the team have now adopted an “evolution” approach compared to the previous “revolution” approach.

The developer continues, “We are therefore going […] back to updating airports, which will include new HD multi material grounds, 2K textures, DDS format and other improvements. Then continue to update things and the [l]ibrary as we work rather than doing it in one go. So expect updated work to start again in the summer time 2019.”

To read the complete announcement, see the source post via Facebook. For more information about UK2000, visit the developers website.

*Image courtesy of UK2000 Scenery.

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