Ultra Weather XP Version 2.4, Flying Through Clouds

Abdullah Almuntassir of Ultra Weather XP has released a new preview video showcasing cloud features with respect to the upcoming version 2.4 update for X-Plane 11.  Specifically, the video offers a detailed perspective of flying through the clouds using newly implemented effects.  Moreover, via the Ultra Weather XP Facebook group and regarding backend development work, Abdullah comments, “After a month 12 hours per day of hard work only for Flying through clouds Effect”.

Check out the latest preview video below.

Additionally, as reported via the last progress update, the next version will support all X-Plane 11 platforms including Windows, Mac, and Linux.  Stay tuned for more information and previews regarding the upcoming update.

To see the original video source, visit the applicable video page via YouTube.  If you’d like to learn more about the current version of Ultra Weather XP, check out the official product page via the x-plane.org store.

*Video courtesy of Ultra Weather XP and Abdullah Almuntassir.  Feature image captured by Digital Flight Wire.

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