Ultra Weather XP Version 2.4, Hotfixes

Ultra Weather XP has posted a new hotfix update concerning the developers recently released version 2.4 upgrade for X-Plane 11.  The latest update brings the software up to version 2.4.1 and offers numerous product fixes and improvements according to user feedback.  Certainly nice to see the development team so quick to address outstanding issues.

Ultra Weather XP Version 2.4.1 Hotfix

Please see below for an update changelog as per Abdullah Almuntassir of Ultra Weather XP.

The new plugin v2.4.1 will fix the follows:

  • wrong position for moon glow slider , with it value ( no big ugly moon anymore ).
  • wrong potion for the slider clouds smoothness after restarting X-Plane ( no more weird clouds after using this slider ).
  • improve the HD shadows button ( improve the jagged shadows even more – takes more FPS for sure be careful ).
  • Improve saving sliders position after restart x-plane.
  • improve Default X-Plane button.
  • improve white out in clouds fog ( no more weird fog or blue fog while flying in clouds layers specially while using avoid cutoff slider  ).
  • get back hidden stars and moon ( affect “Terrain Distance” slider power a little ).
  • improve sun textures at day time for clean , mount , hazy , stratus. ( new sun textures )
  • improve sun gain at day time for all conditions.
  • improve the sun gain at high altitude ( Improve the jagged sun ).
  • reduce the coloration of the fog under aircraft after sunset.

To review the full update announcement, see the source thread via the x-plane.org forums.  If you’d like to learn more about Ultra Weather XP or to purchase, jump directly the official product page via the x-plane.org store.

*Feature image courtesy of Ultra Weather XP.

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