Ultra Weather XP Version 2.4 Released

After much anticipation, Ultra Weather XP version 2.4 has been released for X-Plane 11.  The latest update offers numerous product improvements and additions including Mac compatibility.  Alongside the update, the developer has released a promotional video showcasing the newly upgraded environment.

Check out the video below.

The update is free of charge for owners of the previous version.  See a full product features list and changelog according to the developer.

New Ultra Weather XP v2.4 Features and changes:

Graphics Design

  • 12 new Improved Sky colors for all weather conditions.
  • 12 new sun textures with crepuscular rays.
    12 Multi Improved Clouds Textures from v2.3, but now there is 4 files for textures instead of only one single file , which reduce the Repetition of clouds by 50% at least.
  • 6 New Improved Sea Colors.
  • Add clouds textures for above and underneath clouds which make the clouds looks much better.
  • Add smooth puffs for Flying Through Clouds effect (Beta)
  • Add horizon haze wall for the sunset sky colors which makes the sunset , dawn and dusk looks much realistic and better.
  • Improve the darkness of overcast , stratus and snowy sky’s.

Plugin Interface

  • New plugin interface color
  • Add new slider called Terrain Distance which control the visibility of terrain specially for mountains.
  • Change name of the slider Terrain Mist in v2.3 to be Manual Mist in v2.4.
  • Change name of the button Visibility Mist in v2.3 to be Auto Vis Mist in v2.4.
  • Add new slider called Avoid Cutoff (the name of it means what it’s job) so no need for cutoff fixes anymore. read User Book for more info.
  • Add three new buttons which controls the Type of the overcast clouds .. Puffy , Normal , Flat this buttons will change the shape of overcast clouds smoothly starting from far away horizon till the aircraft reach them or it can be changed just after clicking each one of those buttons then just refresh the weather. read User Book For more info.
  • Change the name of Extra Blending button to Ext. Blending , this button will hide the cutted clouds completely.
  • Add three buttons Waves 1 , Waves 2 , Waves 3 , which gives you three options for the sea waves.
  • Add new button called HD shadows , this button specially for the users with high performance PC which enhance the Jagged Shadows especially while using Shadow Distance.

Plugin Programming Controls

  • Simulate Flying Through Clouds Effect (Beta)
  • Control the blue haze at horizon during sunset automatically , now the sunset will looks more realistic by hiding this blue haze and show it up again in daytime to make the horizon looks more realistic.
  • Automatically control the horizon size depending on reported visibility with more improved values.
  • Improve the Slider of Manual Mist, now it gives you better mist . if you would like to use the Manual Mist. (this works only if the Auto Vis Mist is disabled.
  • Automatically control the Mist over terrain depending on reported visibility with more improved values. (Reduced values)
  • Automatically Control the Sun gain to give the best result, and we think the unusual problem of Black Sun has been gone (please report if not)
  • Improve the Clouds Shadow Power Slider.
  • Improve the Amount of Clouds Slider.
  • Improve the Size of Clouds slider, now it gives you the real world Clouds Size.
  • Improve the Activation server ,, if found any issue after making sure you did the request for the key correctly please contact Customer Care directly.
  • Control all clouds type sizes , now it’s looks smaller and realistic like real world. with ability to increase the size via the slider Size of Clouds.
  • Control the looking of Stratus Clouds and Overcast now it’s look much better.
  • Control the city lights startup time during sunset, now it’s startup at the same time of sunset angel not before that like real world.
  • Improve the altitude of the clouds to be the same as reported weather (except if you are using Avoid Cutoff slider + increasing clouds size more then 40%)
  • Improve the gain while flying in High altitude , and that gives a little of whiteness over horizon to makes it looks more realistic.
  • Improve the Darkness of Overcast, snowy and stratus Conditions.
  • Improve the Jagged Shadow of clouds while using very low resolution shadows.
  • Improve the white gain at horizon while overcast conditions.
  • Auto control White Out In Clouds , to makes the Flying Through Clouds looks more realistic , and the flashing white while passing through clouds when strobe light is on has been gone.
  • Improve the shadows of Objects in all condition and you can enjoy the shadows while the sun at horizon angel like reality.

To review the full release announcement including video and additional screenshots, see the source thread via the x-plane.org forums.  If you’d like to purchase, jump directly the official product page via the x-plane.org store.

*Video and feature image courtesy of Ultra Weather XP.

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