Ultra Weather XP Announces New Updates

Abdullah Almuntassir has announced development of the next product update for Ultra Weather XP. Specifically, according to Abdullah, V2.5.2 (or perhaps V2.6) will focus on cloud size, density, and sky colours.

Check out the first WIP screenshot below.

Ultra Weather XP Announces New Updates

Moreover, Diya Almuntaser also announced development (back on June 11, 2019) of V3.0 which will include volumetric clouds. However, this update will take more time to complete and there is currently no preview media.

To review either announcement, join the developers closed Facebook group. Alternatively, for more information about Ultra Weather XP, visit the product sales page via the x-plane.org store.

Keep in mind, Ultra Weather XP Version 2.5.1 was released back in May.

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