Ultra Weather XP V2.5, Beta Cloud Demo + Release this Month

Ultra Weather XP V2.5 Beta Cloud Demo Release Month

[UPDATE: India Aviation Channel has removed the demo video and Ultra Weather XP has removed the original Facebook post. As such, we have replaced the video embed with a photo although the article remains¬†unchanged.] India Aviation Channel has posted a demonstration video from private beta testing showcasing the upcoming Version 2.5 update for Ultra Weather XP. Specifically, the video illustrates the enhanced ‘flying through clouds’ effect.

Moreover, according to Abdullah Almuntassir of Ultra Weather XP, release (of Version 2.5) is expected “very soon this month.” The final promotional video will be available in the next few days. Keep in mind, the update is completely free of charge for existing users.

If you’d like to review the original video link and accompanying commentary, join the closed ‘Ultra Weather XP’ Facebook group. For more information about the current version of Ultra Weather XP, visit the product sales page via x-plane.org.

You may recall, earlier this month, the team also shared an instructional video as well as the official user guide.

*Video courtesy of Ultra Weather XP and India Aviation Channel.

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  • The video was only up for a short time. Someone has removed it, or maybe had it removed…

    What did it reveal that someone does not want us to see???

    • That’s very odd, I didn’t notice anything out of place when watching the video. Maybe I missed something…

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