Ultra Weather XP Version 2.5.1 Pro [Canceled]

UPDATE: The cancellation announcement has now been removed. No additional information or clarification was provided.

UPDATE: Ultra Weather XP Version 2.5.1 Pro has been canceled. Although no specific reason was provided, the original announcement did receive limited criticism from existing customers. Nonetheless, the base level (and free) Version 2.5.1 update is planned for release in the next 1-3 days. The cancellation announcement is available via the developers closed Facebook group. Please note, the below post remains unchanged.

Abdullah Almuntassir has officially announced Ultra Weather XP Version 2.5.1 Pro. In essence, the Pro edition will include the upcoming (and free) Version 2.5.1 update along with several additional features such as extended cloud draw distance and various “private” items (which will be explained at a later date). Please note, the Pro upgrade will cost $10.00 USD.

Also important, Abdullah notes that Version 2.5.1 Pro represents the final major update (less any bug fixes) until X-Plane 12 and Ultra Weather XP Version 3.

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If you’d like to review the complete Pro announcement, join the developers closed Facebook group. For more information about the existing version of Ultra Weather XP, visit the product sales page via the x-plane.org store.

*Images courtesy of Ultra Weather XP.

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