Update Tracking, Just Flight VC10 Professional

Update Tracking Just Flight VC10 Professional

First released earlier this month, Just Flight has pushed yet another product update for the VC10 Professional – FSX and Prepar3D. The latest release brings the software up to Version 1.21 and features a number of additions, fixes, and general improvements to the existing aircraft package.

Please see below for a complete historical changelog current as of April 16, 2019.



  • Call-out and custom sounds added:
    • Takeoff thrust set
    • 80 knots on takeoff roll
    • V-speeds
    • Positive rate-of-climb
    • Gear down/up
    • Parking brake set
    • No-smoking and seat belts sounds
  • First Officer ASI speed bug – fixed
  • HSI only moving in 10 degree increments with electrical power off – fixed
  • Engine ignition logic – fixed
  • Fuel flow-meter scales – fixed
  • Standby TRU indicator logic – fixed


  • INS 2 (overhead) controls fixed
  • In-flight refuelling probe added to virtual cockpit
  • Gauge illumination now functional in daytime
  • Thumbnails updated
  • APU starting issue fixed
  • Super and RAF variant descriptions updated
  • Missing effects added
  • Tutorial flight files updated to fix possible CTDs


If you’d like to review the original changelog information, see the update tracking page via Just Flight ‘Solutions.’ Alternatively, for more information about the VC10 Professional, visit the product sales page.

In other news, Just flight also recently posted some new cockpit previews from the BAe 146 Professional

*Image courtesy of Just Flight.

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