Even More Updates, Hot Start TBM-900 for X-Plane 11

Over the past week or so, Hot Start has released several more updates for the developers ‘Take Command!: TBM-900’ for X-Plane 11.  Together, the latest product updates bring the software up to version 1.0.9 and feature significant and wide ranging improvements to the existing build.  On a personal note, I don’t ever recall a developer being quite so responsive to deficiencies and customer feedback, well done!

Hot Start TBM-900 Released Flying Side

Please see below for a complete update changelog.  For reference purposes, I have also included information from all previous versions.

[Version 1.0.9]
  • Minor mesh fixes on front fuselage to patch up model holes
  • Fixed high levels of gloss on ailerons
  • Fixed texture artefacts on deice panel screws
  • Artificial horizon light scatter fixed
  • New datarefs on spill lights for glareshield
  • Automatic switching from GPS to LOC guidance on a programmed approach wasn’t engaging LOC mode properly
  • Weight-on-wheels sensors should be on all gear legs
  • OFV should begin modulating on the takeoff roll
  • Switched state timer from microclock to unixtime due to potential problem with microsecond rollover on Windows
  • vrconfig with hotspots for walkaround
  • Fixed sudden pitch change when AP was engaged with the aircraft out of trim
  • Retuned steering constants to make crosswind takeoffs easier
  • Lowered minimum PAX weight to allow for children
  • Lightened overhead panel textures to look better
  • Implemented aircraft reset to Cold & Dark when selecting ‘No’ in flight recovery or when a new airframe is created
  • Increased cloud cover sun radiation decrease factor to not overheat the cabin so easily on cold weather
  • Increased cabin surface heat flow rate to cool the cabin a bit in colder weather
  • Implemented hard crash detection
  • Refactored panel overlay drawing code to avoid hard-coding panel viewport offsets to help with rendering on multi-monitor setups
  • Made negative-G effect of fuel instability less pronounced
  • FMS keyboard box joystick move UP should tilt radar down on radar page
  • Fuel indicator should display proper inop indication instead of amber XXX
  • Added code to detect left-most monitor and display drawer there
  • Fixed UI scaling support issues – all windows should now rescale & behave properly with UI size > 100%
  • Fixed windows not properly centering on multi-monitor setups
  • Smartcopilot compatibility fixes – very early work
  • Pushing CWS shouldn’t emit the AP disconnection sound
  • Flipped default CB light position to be off
  • Very short runways could cause a div-by-zero in the runway segment number determination
  • Added xEnviro integration to read rain rate.
  • High-elevation VORs and ILSes could sometimes fail being received due to signal propagation computation errors
[Version 1.0.8]
  • Very large poly reduction in cockpit. Cut another 50,000 polys off the model without loss of visual quality.
  • Brake left/right hold commands were broken by axis logic rework. Put those back in.
  • Implemented datarefs to show aerodynamic flight control loading, control position and neutral point.
  • Flight control aerodynamic load was being incorrectly computed from instrument-indicated airspeed.
  • Toe brake handling in partial axis assign situations is all wrong.
  • Added thrust loading to flight control aerodynamic loading.
  • Added notification about the MAN OVRD lever with engine shut down.
  • Added notification about flooded combustor.
  • Made exterior walkaround clickspots hidden when inside the cockpit.
  • Added radar self-test sounds.
  • Added new internal main door lock/unlock sounds.
  • Turning off autopilot on XP11.30 caused a crash in yaw damper handling code
[Version 1.0.7]
  • Massive VR usability enhancements courtesy of SimVRlabs. Yoke & throttle now directly VR operatable. Also changed a ton of click spots into VR-friendly ones.
  • VR walkaround. Just teleport around the aircraft and remove engine covers, toggle GPU/chocks, pitot covers, static wick covers and static port covers.
  • Added prop governor damage warning when selecting reverse with engine shut down.
  • “Aircraft not activated” regression now finally fixed.
  • Oil was wearing out way too quickly. Retuned to expected real-world performance.
  • Added missing “brakes hold regular effort” that got lost in the brake pedal refactoring process.
  • Fixed crash due to zero-length runway confusing synthetic vision code.
[Version 1.0.6]
  • Fixed crossing mesh in front cabin
  • Fixed occasional spotaneous “aircraft not activated” in flight
  • Landing gear was being unnecessarily rendered in flight
  • Added autopilot and yaw damper notification messages to avoid landing with them on
  • Automatically hide the sidebar when taking screenshots.
  • Screens weren’t entirely black at night due to residual reflection simulation
  • Fixed non-working charts on Mac due to missing 3rd party libraries
  • Implemented new brake axis management system that allows simultaneous use of pedals and keyboard.
  • Added option to disable low-FPS warning for custom effects
  • Minor optimizations of mesh in cockpit (10,000 polys down)
[Version 1.0.5]
  • Got rid of normal mapping artifact on propeller object
  • Modified VS wheel manipulator avoid backface clicking
  • Removed unused debug-version code for massive speedup in frame rendering
  • Fixed broken async texture transfer to EFIS objects from background threads
  • Optimized tablet rendering to completely disable when not showing tablet
  • Seat mesh optimizations
  • Fixed front steps appearing through pilot door
[Version 1.0.4]
  • Added visual effects configurator for low-end hardware
  • Added MesaGL compatibility
  • Fixed crash when depressurized & oxygen on at high altitude
  • Fixed load crash due to some Windows machines not having properly working random number generators
  • Cut approximately 150,000 polygons from model.
[Version 1.0.3]
  • Cockpit builder fuselage hiding wasn’t hiding front cabin
  • Increased max person weight to 180 kg
  • Fixed crash on soft reload during flight recovery or when switching airframes
  • Fixed crash on startup on AMD GPUs due to broken SPIR-V support in driver
  • Fixed hang on MacOS when updating obstacle database due to instanely slow performance of OS-provided strlcpy
[Version 1.0.2]
  • Implemented synthetic vision performance improvements (adaptive refresh rate, reduce mesh density)
  • Fixed crash due to bad X-Plane dataref values confusing avionics
  • Fixed macOS 10.12 unable to load plugin code due to bad curl library dependencies
[Version 1.0.1]
  • Soft crash due to bad CloseHandle use fixed
  • Hard crash at startup due to failing
  • CryptAcquireContext fixed
  • Mac broken build fixed
  • Minor texturing updates on labels

To download the updates free of charge, visit your X-Aviation user account.  If you’d like to learn more about the Hot Start TBM-900, check out the product sales page via X-Aviation.

The aircraft was of course released only last month, see our post dated October 19, 2018 for more information.

Thank you to Rafael for the information.

*Image courtesy of Hot Start and X-Aviation.

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