Version 1.11, xEnviro, X-Plane 11

Dark Space has posted another product update for xEnviro – X-Plane 11. The release brings the software up to Version 1.11 and features a number of additions and changes to the existing software build. Keep in mind however, according to the developer.

The development of the clouds (a necessity to get other planned features and corrections done down the road) will give clouds better definition and more “lively” forms. But it comes at the cost of more pronounced grain. The grain is what defuses the under laying mechanics and making it less visible without blur can only be done with higher resolutions. This will however demand a huge impact on performance. So we are “tolerating” the grain at this point but are working hard on performance. It is however a longer run for the performance paths we have in mind. We will dedicate even more time on that going forward but are uncertain if we will see the results in 1.12.

Anyway, please see below for a complete update changelog.


  • Brightness slider.
  • Contrast slider.
  • Vibrance slider.
  • Gamma slider.
  • Button to close the Briefing window.
  • Control water waves checkbox.


  • Noise mixing law for cumulus clouds.
  • Noise mixing law for cumulonimbus clouds.
  • Coverage procedures adjusted to match new cloud laws.
  • Basic volume sampling optimization.
  • Cloud Settings changed to Rendering Settings.
  • Simple preset changed to Natural.
  • Full preset changed to Vivid.
  • Settings window controls and elements positions.


  • In cloud effect checkbox.

To download the update, jump to the xEnviro ‘Update Center.’ Alternatively, for more information or to purchase, visit Threshold or the store.

Thank you to Rafael for the tip.

Image // Dark Space

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