Vertical Simulations Announces VStates Ortho Project + Florida Freeware

UNITED STATES – Vertical Simulations has announced the VStates Ortho project for X-Plane 11. In essence, the project is intended to provide colour corrected ortho/satellite imagery for the entire mainland Untied States. The imagery is 97% cloudless and matches with most payware airports.

According to Vertical, the series will be released state by state although it is undecided if the project will be freeware, payware, or donationware. Nonetheless, if payware, each state will cost two to three dollars.

Perhaps most important, Vertical has released Florida as a sample. Check out some release images below.

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Next, see a product features list applicable to Florida and the complete series.

  • Coverage of the whole mainland US
  • Works/mixes colorwise with most payware airports
  • Includes all patches of each payware airports
  • Hand-colored corrected for definition/vibrance/sharpness
  • Built using Ortho4XP for easy integration to allow user functionality

Keep in mind, the project does not include custom autogen or trees.

For more information or to download Florida, visit the product page via the Vertical Simulations website. Keep in mind, Florida is completely free of charge.

In other news, Vertical also recently announced development of Spokane International Airport (for X-Plane 11).

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