Vertical Simulations KCID, Version 1.1

UNITED STATES – Vertical Simulations has posted a new product update for the developers KCID, Eastern Iowa Airport for X-Plane 11. The release brings the software up to Version 1.1 and features a number of additions and general improvements to the existing scenery build. As usual, the update is free of charge for existing users.

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Please see below for a complete update changelog.



  • Original orthos to be more realistic
  • Textures to be more realistic (added more “depth”)


  • Missing decal

New features:

  • Added grass around airport perimeter
  • Added dead corn stocks in the fields
  • Added AS9 Radar
  • Updated ground textures and PBR on them
  • T-marking on cargo ramp now used for DHL 737’s (verified by personnel who works at CID)
  • Updated: more optimization


Keep in mind, according to the developer, “Downtown Cedar Rapids will be added in the next version V1.2!!”

To review the complete update announcement, see the source post via Facebook. Alternatively, for more information about KCID by Vertical Simulations, visit the product sales page via the developers website. Also, for the time being, you can use discount code “Cornfields” for a 30% discount.

The scenery was first released back in February.

*Images courtesy of Vertical Simulations.

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