Vertical Simulations Long Island MacArthur, Released

UNITED STATES – Vertical Simulations has released KISP, Long Island MacArthur Airport for X-Plane 11. The scenery is a detailed rendition of the real world airport facility and represents the current 2019 airport layout. Features include colour corrected ortho imagery, custom buildings, hand placed vegetation, PBR materials, volumetric grass, animated ramp agents, performance optimization, and much more.

The airport is located approximately 60 miles east of Manhattan in Ronkonkoma, New York and serves Nassau and Suffolk counties. Airlines currently serving MacArthur include American Eagle, Frontier, and Southwest Airlines.

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Please see below for a product features list.

  • Autogate/all gate support (all gates are spawn-able)
  • 2019 version of the airport
  • Color graded/corrected ortho/blended ortho
  • Accurately/hand-placed vegetation/trees
  • PBR materials on buildings and ground textures
  • Accurately modeled buildings and lighting
  • Volumetric Grass
  • Full WT3/Livetraffic support (taxi routes)
  • Ground objects
  • HDR lighting in the airport vicinity
  • 3d animated ramp agents/workers/ground vehicles
  • Photorealstic texturing+ambient occlusion
  • Moving ground vehicles (with Groundtraffic plugin)
  • Good FPS on Low-to-high systems (all files converted to DDS)

To review the complete release announcement, see the source post via Facebook. For more information, additional screenshots, or to purchase, visit the product sales page via the developers website. As of the time of this writing, the scenery is priced at $20.00 USD.

For those unfamiliar with Vertical Simulations, we recently posted an Image Showcase from the developers KPVD scenery.

*Images courtesy of Vertical Simulations.

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