VFR Pilot France for Prepar3D V4, Released

FRANCE – Developer France VFR has officially released ‘VFR Pilot France’ for Prepar3D V4. The package is a combination of three separate addons (TRUElandscape, NEXTMesh, and Obstacles & Reperes VFR) which covers the entire French territory with high quality landclass (with limited photoreal areas), accurate water features, custom mesh, and thousands of applicable landmarks. According to the developer, the intent is to provide a “…simple, lightweight and compact VFR package….”

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Please see below for a complete product features list separated by addon.



  • New definition for whole coastlines and hyrographic system.
  • Reassignment of all landclass covering France and Corsica.
  • Redefinition of urban, industrial, commercial and harbor areas…
  • Redefinition of fragmented deciduous, mixed, coniferous and young forests…
  • New qualification for all coastlines, sandy, beaches, dunes, rocks and heaths…
  • Pylons for high voltage and very high voltage power network over the country.
  • Many photoreal areas (mountains, snow, glaciers, vines, dams, sans quarries…).
  • Product installation does not modify any files from your Lockheed Martin® Prepar3D®, neither any previously installed add-on.
  • Product can enabled or disabled with a simple click in the scenery library.
  • All data is georeferenced to ensure compatibility with any other georeferenced product.


  • HD terrain mesh resolution (4.75 meters – LOD13) for Metropolitan France
  • HD terrain mesh resolution (4.75 meters – LOD13) for DOM (except for Guyane and St-Maarten)
  • Fixes for airport platforms issues for more than 400 airports and airfields areas
  • Less than 15 cm vertical precision
  • Optimal compiling compression ratio for better quality/performance compromise
  • 0.5 degree x 1 degree grid spliced files to optimize memory loading process
  • Full compatibility with France VFR® photoreal sceneries
  • Ability to combine NEXTMesh with other lower resolution generic meshes

Obstacles & Reperes VFR

More than 4000 obstacles identified by S.I.A. including:

  • 1 000 radio and television antennas, telecommunications towers
  • 1 000 microwave towers and telecom transmitters
  • 200 cooling towers, smokestacks and flares
  • 500 water towers
  • 130 lighthouses
  • churches
  • biggest bridges and viaducts
  • entire set of thermal and nuclear power plants

Details of obstacles and landmarks included:

  • 350 000 power towers with lighting in the vicinity of airports, representing virtually all High Voltage and Extra High Voltage networks
  • 3 000 HV substations
  • 7 500 windmills
  • 65 000 churches, cathedrals, basilicas, chapels and religious buildings
  • 55 000 agricultural greenhouse
  • 23 000 castles
  • 11 000 water towers
  • 5 000 agricultural silos
  • 12 000 industrial tanks
  • 14 000 antennas
  • 3 500 lifts/cable car


For more information or to purchase, visit the product sales page via simMarket. As of the time of this writing, the package is priced at €58.25 EUR.

Keep in mind, if desired, each addon can be purchased separately.

*Images courtesy of France VFR.

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