VSkyLabs DC-3/C-47 Skytrain FLP, Major Update

VSkyLabs has released a major product update for the developers DC-3/C-47 Skytrain FLP – X-Plane 11. The update brings the software up to Version 2.8.01 and features a number of wide-ranging improvements. Moreover, according to the developer, the aircraft now represents a “comprehensive” simulation of the real world type and further sets the foundation for future updates.

Please see below for a list of changes.


  • Project architecture:
    • Modified and optimized internal structure.
  • 3D modeling:
    • Mapping update with additional textures for new elements and improved existing ones.
    • Default livery added: “That’s All, Brother” 3X-292847.
    • Cockpit night lighting rework.
    • Internal cabin structure modified to allow future hosting of C-47 interior elements (internal walls/space division/arrangement were made, including the removal of the front seats raw).
    • Landing gears structure repaint, remapped.
    • Engine Radiators grills textures refined.
    • Engine Exhausts remodeled.
    • Cockpit panel refinements.
    • Doors modeling+animation.
    • Engines physical location re-set (visual, flight model).
    • Clock/timer gauge seconds-needle texture fixed.
    • FPS optimization (flying in clouds).
    • Internal/external PBR maps were added.
    • Oxygen masks were added – two W2Ah13d-Leather flight helmets with Type A14 oxygen masks, each one located on each pilot seat arm.
    • Supercharges control panel was added.
    • Oxygen pressure and flow indicators were added.
  • Flight Dynamics:
    • Complete overhaul to fall in line with the latest XP11.30+ (non experimental).
    • Engines physical location fine tuned (shifted aft couple of feet).
    • Two-speed Superchargers system was added to increase power and allow high altitude flight.
    • Engines performance tune-up, max. HP in takeoff, cruise updated.
    • Engines exhaust and smoke – reconfigured.
  • Systems – additional:
    • Engines fire warning system was added.
    • Engines fire extinguisher system was added (floor hatch can be opened and operated).
    • Oxygen system was added, along with authentic regulator (incorporating ‘normal’/’100%’ supply), and pressure and flow indicators.
    • Engines two-speed superchargers system – lo/hi-blowers.
  • VR Interaction:
    • Complete checkup.
    • Manipulators rework.
  • Advanced damage simulation:
    • Engines spool-up sensitivity algorithm was added (the C-47 is not a fighter jet….spool up the engine gradually when it is in low-rpm to avoid severe engine fire).
    • Cockpit smoke in case of engine fire was added.
    • Engine fire, cockpit smoke and cockpit windows ventilation are interconnected.
  • FMOD Sounds:
    • Oxygen breathing when using the oxygen masks.
    • Fire detection system bell was added.
  • Existing systems – refinements – enhancements:
    • Dual portable GPS are normally folded now.
    • Fuel tank selectors are now initially OFF in ‘cold and dark’, and L/R accordingly in ‘engine running’


To review the complete update announcement, see the source post via Facebook. For more information about the VSkyLabs DC-3/C-47 Skytrain FLP, visit the product sales page via the developers website.

*Image courtesy of VSkyLabs Aerospace Simulations.

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