VSkyLabs Flight Design CTLS, Coming Late July

VSkyLabs has once again posted a new teaser image and brief status update concerning the Flight Design CTLS for X-Plane 11.

According to VSkyLabs, the project is coming “together nicely.” Interior design work is progressing well and encompasses a somewhat sporty feel.

Moreover, the panel configuration has been finalized and the release build will feature two separate options. This includes a basic analogue VFR version (with the night flight pack) as well as an enhanced version featuring a combined analogue and glass EFIS panel, Dynon AP74 autopilot, Dynon HS34 HSI expansion module, and the night flight pack.

However, perhaps most important, the project is still on track for a late July release.

If you’d like to review the complete status update, see the source post via Facebook.

In other news, VSkyLabs also recently posted a status update regarding the Solar Impulse 2.

Thank you as always to Rafael for the tip.

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