VSkyLabs Flight Design CTLS, More Previews

Several days ago, VSkyLabs shared the first preview images of the Flight Design CTLS for X-Plane 11. Today, the developer has posted even more screenshots showcasing both the cockpit and exterior model.

According to VSkyLabs, the initial avionics configuration (termed classic analogue) is progressing well. The setup is equipped with a Garmin 530, fully featured autopilot system, and HSI expansion module. Keep in mind however, a separate version is also planned which features a glass cockpit utilizing the X-Plane G1000 unit. Previews are coming soon.

Anyway, check out the latest screenshots below.

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The Flight Design CTSW is also currently under development although the aircraft is being treated as a separate project.

To view the original preview images and accompanying commentary, visit the VSkyLabs Facebook page.

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