VSkyLabs Flight Design CTLS, Released

As anticipated, VSkyLabs has released the Flight Design CTLS for X-Plane 11. The aircraft is a detailed representation of the real world type designed specifically for X-Plane’s “Experimental Flight Model” mode. Features include full VR compatibility, authentic performance and flight handling characteristics, Avitab support, various panel configurations (standard and basic CT VFR + night pack), and much more.

Check out some release images below.

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Next, see a list of project highlights and notes.


  • VSKYLABS ‘Test-Pilot’ Project: designed for use with X-Plane 11.30+ cutting edge Experimental flight model environment, featuring a superb flight dynamics with authentic performance and flight handling characteristics.
  • Built for VR: development was tailored specifically for VR, and optimized for 2D usage.
  • Engineered and designed as a default X-Plane aircraft (Like all VSKYLABS projects). The VSKYLABS projects are practically show-casing X-Plane, as they are stretching X-Plane default features, systems and flight model to its limits without any dependencies on complementary plugins or software…delivering a very robust simulation model, having maximum compatibility with the ever evolving X-Plane flight simulator.
  • Perfect fit for beginner and expert pilots: The VSL CTLS is featuring the standard, basic CT VFR + night pack panel. The simple and clear analog gauges layout is perfect for beginner pilots. It is also featuring an enhanced panel, which is including the addition of a notebook-based glass PFD along with a Dynon style AP74 and HS34 (these are incorporated with simplified, yet functional features).
  • Built-in Avitab Plugin Compatibility (AviTab plugin is not included).
  • STMA Autoupdater plugin is included – all updates are being pushed smoothly without the need to re-download the entire base package (base package will be updated every once in a while to minimize the gap).
  • Highly responsive VSKYLABS support forums: Professional discussions which results in incorporating users feedback into the on-going scheduled development plan. Real-pilots inputs (as well as sim-pilots feedback) are always welcome, and in practice sets the the VSKYLABS projects within solid, professional margins over time.
  • The project is under constant maintenance and development – updates are free.

Additional Notes

  • Avionics package: The VSL CTLS is equipped with basic cockpit panel and avionics, based on X-Plane’s GNS530 and simplified EFIS display. This aspect is still under development with the goal of adding a full glass cockpit variant, based on X-Plane’s Garmin g1000 and/or modular EFIS glass cockpit elements to found on the LSA market, and a custom built engine management display. In all cases, future development of avionics will always be based on X-Plane’s default features (stretched to its limits).
  • Flaps operation: Like in the real CTLS, the VSL CTLS desired flaps setting is selected with the flaps lever switch for these preset positions: -6, 0, 15, 30, 40. However, setting the flaps in between these values by switching the flaps lever switch *below* ‘0’ position or *above* ’40’ position is not enabled. This is still under development. In addition, the flaps over-load CB (located just right side to the flaps lever switch) is not simulated in v1.0, but it will be fully functional in future updates.
  • HS34+AP74: These are not in-depth simulated…only modeled with simplified/basic functionality with the purpose to allow autopilot operation.
  • General visualization: The VSL CTLS aircraft was modeled to demonstrate the visuals of the real CTLS. However, various differences from the real aircraft may be noticeable, but should not compromise the overall look and feel of the CTLS.
  • The project is still under development in every aspect.

For more information, additional screenshots, or to purchase, visit the product sales page via the VSkyLabs website. As of the time of this writing, the aircraft is priced at $27.50 USD.

Keep in mind, the Flight Design CTSW is also currently under development.

Thank you to Rafael for the tip.

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