VSkyLabs Flight Design CTSW/CTLS, New Previews + Info

Following several recent previews of the Flight Design CTSW (Short Wing), VSkyLabs has posted the first captures of the CTLS (Light Sport) variant. Keep in mind, the two models are being produced as “separate development” efforts.

For clarification purposes, the CTLS is an upgraded and much improved version of the CTSW.

Anyways, both variants are expected to share the classic base panel which includes analogue gauges, Garmin avionics, and a nightflight package. However, the CTLS is also scheduled for an additional glass cockpit upgrade. Nonetheless, according to VSkyLabs, the “[f]inal avionics configuration is still under evaluation and will be determined soon for both projects.”

Moreover, in regards to VR compatibility, the developer notes that both aircraft are in fact “designed for VR.”

Check out some CTLS previews below.

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If you’d like to review the original preview images and accompanying commentary, see the source post via Facebook.

For those interested, the Flight Design CTSW variant was already previewed in late May and early June.

Lastly, VSkyLabs also recently announced the Aeroprakt A22LS Foxbat.

Thank you as always to Rafael for the tip.

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