VSkyLabs Guimbal Cabri G2, Version 1.1b1

VSkyLabs Aerospace Simulations has released version 1.1b1 with regards to the developers Guimbal Cabri G2 helicopter for X-Plane 11.  Version 1.1b1 is a significant update to the entire propulsion system covering all aspects of the flight envelope.  Moreover, the update offers various general improvements and fixes to the existing model.  Released earlier this month, the project is classified as ‘under development’ meaning VSkyLabs has committed to providing these types on ongoing incremental updates.

Please see below for a new product video demonstrating improved autorotation dynamics.

Next, see a complete update changelog according to the developer.

  • This is a major update release which is focused mainly on the propulsion system.
  • Flight dynamics model:
    • Propulsion system envelope expansion.
    • Autorotation envelope expansion.
    • Fenestron anti-torque authority tuneup.
    • Stability/Sensitivity: Got a notch into the more sensitive zone but will remain for now within reasonably and realistically pilot work-loads requirements. Make sure that you fly the Cabri with X-Plane’s realism bars all the way to “maximum realism”.
    • Manual throttle responsiveness tuned.
  • FMOD package:
    • A few tuneups all around.
    • Sliding sounds on replay: Fixed
  • Systems:
    • External lights and switches refinements:
    • Strobe light on the tail is controlled by the Strobe switch.
    • Nav lights (red,green and white) are controlled by the Nav lights switch and are non-flashing.
  • Visualization:
    • Passenger figure appears (external view) only when payload exceeds pilot + passenger weight.

To review the original update announcement, see the source post via the developers Facebook page.  Changelog information is available via the project update log.  If you’d like to learn more or to purchase, check out the official Cabri G2 product page.

*Video and feature images courtesy of VSkyLabs Aerospace Simulations.

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