VSkyLabs Heinkel He 162, VR Demo

Developer VSkyLabs has posted a new preview video showcasing the upcoming Heinkel He 162 for X-Plane 11. The video includes clips from initial VR sessions. Moreover, the team provides a brief progress update as well as a broad release timeline, that being late 2019 (which is delayed in comparison to the original June projection).

Please see below for the complete video description and progress update.

The VSKYLABS Test-Pilot: He-162 Project News Flash!

Attached is a video showing some action from the initial VR sessions, while testing various systems, including the mechanical landing gears indicators (nose wheel – red bar in the upper nose cone, main gears – two mechanical pointers, one on each side of the cockpit), landing gears deployment (release) handle and retract lever, flaps hand-pump (which is semi-automatic in the video) and more.

Significant progress was made during the past several weeks in the BMW-003 engine (including its adjustable nozzle modes) simulation. The BMW-003 operational envelope was finally “tailored” to sustain itself in the various modes of nozzle operation, throttle operation, flight speed and altitude, angle of attack, in-flight idle rpm and thrust for the speed/altitude gradient.

The adjustable nozzle in the BMW-003/He-162 is of an adjustable bell-form construction, allowing variable nozzle area presets, to be set manually by the pilot, according to the phase of flight (engine start, high altitude, high speed etc…). It is noted in the attached screenshot by the red arrows pointing at the adjustable nozzle and its on-fuselage position painted markings.

…when all of the above is being orchestrated by X-Plane…flying the He-162 becomes a true challenge! This will be discussed thoroughly in future posts and in the project’s page at VSKYLABS website.

The project is currently scheduled for release in late 2019.

The original post is available via Facebook. For those interested, we last reported regarding the VSkyLabs He 162 back in May.

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