VSkyLabs ICON A5, Another Preview Video

VSkyLabs has posted a brief preview video once again showcasing the developers upcoming ICON A5 for X-Plane 11.  Specifically, according to the developer, “Extra-short video showing one of the many tuneup runs of the VSKYLABS ICON-A5 wing flex.”  Although the wing flex is relatively minor, the feature will be most visible during aggressive maneuvering, heavy landings, and when skimming rough water.

Check out the video below.

Keep in mind, the ICON A5 remains one of VSkyLabs’ primary aircraft developments.

To review the original video link and complete description, see the source post via Facebook.  We last reported regarding the A5 project earlier this week.

Thank you to Rafael for the tip.

*Video and feature image courtesy of VSkyLabs Aerospace Simulations.

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