VSkyLabs Jet Pack + More PropStrike Quatam River

VSkyLabs Aerospace Simulations has posted yet another joint preview set showcasing both their own product as well as the upcoming Quatam River scenery by PropStrike Studio – both for X-Plane 11.  Only yesterday, VSkyLabs previewed the latest Eurofox update along with Quatam River Airport, today, another similar type preview.  This time around, VSkyLabs shows off the developers in progress Jet Pack X-2 at a small remote helipad to be included as part of the PropStrike Quatam River scenery.

The jet pack certainly looks to be a bit challenging.  However, before moving into any further detail, check out the preview set below.

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Next, with regards to both the jet pack and scenery, some comments by the developer have been copied below.

After flying along and exploring the PropStrike Studio upcoming ‘Quatam River Airport’ scenery (alpha version was used – link at the bottom of this post)…I had to buckle up the VSKYLABS Jet Pack X-2 (still under development) and go for it! The plan was to take off from the airstrip and land on a tiny helipad near by.

Controlling the Jet Pack is very intuitive…***in VR only***, as the lack of peripheral vision when using it on-screen makes it almost impossible to land on the spot and manage speeds (there is no airspeed nor altitude indication…only the human brain to monitor the passing speeds of the terrain/objects). With the Oculus on…flying it is very natural (still challenging though).

After a short struggle and some missed heartbeats I was hovering above the elevated construction up the slope…and decided to land on the rooftop of the structure up to the helipad itself…

It seems that the VSKYLABS Jet Pack Project will be a ‘VR-ONLY’ project, because of the operation nature regarding the controls of the Jet Pack.

Love the combination although I’m not completely certain a jet pack is in my future despite the obvious fun factor.  Nonetheless, looking forward very much to continued progress updates.

To review the original image and commentary source, jump to the applicable post via the VSkyLabs Facebook page.  For those of you interested in PropStrike Studio, check out the developers official Facebook page to learn more.

*Images courtesy of VSkyLabs Aerospace Simulations.

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