VSkyLabs Phoenix Air U-15, Upcoming Update

Developer VSkyLabs has posted several new preview images and a detailed description with respect to an upcoming product update (V5.0) for the Phoenix Air U-15 – X-Plane 11. Please see below for the complete announcement.

The VSKYLABS Phoenix Air U-15 Phoenix S-LSA – “Professional Edition* version v5.0 upcoming update announcement.

Project’s version v1.0 was created back in early 2017, originally for X-Plane 10. Throughout the years, it was updated about 11 times, to remain relevant and enjoyable aircraft for X-Plane.

The upcoming update for v5.0 is quite a different story. During the past several months, the project was re-engineered completely, as if it was designed from scratch for the latest X-Plane 11.35, with development covering every aspect.

Special focus was channeled into flight dynamics. Upcoming version v5.0 is designed to work with X-Plane 11.35+ Experimental flight model environment. Aircraft performance and handling characteristics are top notch…it is a superb flight simulation of the Phoenix Air U-15 Phoenix S-LSA / motor glider (VSKYLABS U-15 project was developed for X-Plane with the approval of ‘Phoenix Air’, as an independent VSKYLABS project. Project variants are being used for general and specific research purposes by ‘Phoenix Air’, which are developing and manufacturing the U-15, stationed in the Czech Republic).

In addition to that, the VSKYLABS Phoenix Air U-15 v5.0 is more efficient (FPS wise), having more “precise” interaction in VR, having deeper, code-based systems and flight dynamics algorithms. Including PBR and it will also include the STMA Autoupdater plugin. Project v5.0 will include comprehensive Pilot Operating Handbook (POH) as well.

The VSL U15 is including two modes of operation – like in the real U-15, it is having two sets of wingtips, of longer and shorter wingspan (15m and 11m). Being flown with the shorter wingspan, flying experience and handling are more “LSA” style and less “Motor Glider” style, with higher cruise speed, higher roll rate and so forth.

This upcoming release is going to be SUPER exciting!

Stay Tuned!

Phoenix Air main website:

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Next, the preview images.

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The original announcement is available via Facebook. Alternatively, for more information about the current version of the Phoenix Air U-15, visit the product information page via the VSkyLabs website.

In other news, VSkyLabs recently released the Flight Design CTLS, also for X-Plane 11.

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