VSkyLabs Phoenix Air U-15 Pro Edition V5, Now Available

VSkyLabs has released a major (and free) product update for the Phoenix Air U-15 – X-Plane 11. The update is designated V5.0 (Pro Edition) and features a number of comprehensive and wide-ranging upgrades to the existing aircraft model. These upgrades include refinements to aircraft flight dynamics and systems, visual design improvements, adjusted FMOD sounds, and much more.

Check out some release images below.

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Next, see a list of changes.

  • Flight Dynamics Model refinements, systems:
    • New flight dynamics model designed for X-Plane 11.30+ Experimental Flight Model environment (must be enabled in X-Plane’s general-settings menu).
    • Complete new performance and handling characteristics tune-up.
    • Choke system is now operational (however, “cold-day” simulation is currently not implemented in X-Plane’s out of the box features).
  • 3D modeling and model design:
    • Completely new internal engineering.
    • Canopy is now operational and animated.
    • PBR implementation.
    • Transponder/Radios re-arrangements, COM1 is integrated into the GNS530, and the older transponder was replaced with a new, GTX-327 (simplified version).
    • Cockpit instruments lighting.
    • Optimizations for VR usage.
    • AviTab compatibility was added (AviTab plugin is not included, as it is not part of the VSKYLABS projects).
  • FMOD Sound-pack:
    • Maintenance update.
  • STMA Autoupdater plugin was added!

To review the complete update announcement, see the source post via the Facebook. Alternatively, for more information about the VSkyLabs Phoenix Air U-15, visit the product information page via the VSkyLabs website.

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