VSkyLabs posts new screenshots and status update concerning Dynali H3 EasyFlyer

Since we last reported regarding the VSkyLabs Dynali H3 EasyFlyer (for X-Plane 11), the developer has posted some additional preview images and a detailed status update concerning the project.

Please see below for the complete description and accompanying screenshots per the developer.

The VSKYLABS ‘Test-Pilot’: Dynali H3 Project – development continues…

3D Modeling effort and (visual) integration of the drive system is almost ready. The 100 hp Rotax 912iS Sport Engine is almost completed…pipe-lines, bolts and wires has reached the reasonable level-of-detail goals for the project. Dual fan radiator, fuel tank, lines and other liquids tanks are already partially installed. These are being developed for completion as well.

Rotors modeling and engineering including all relevant moving parts are having a good progress, and will soon reach the target level of detail goals for the project as well.

Cockpit development has reached the exciting stage of initial VR evaluation…as said before, the H3 is one of the coolest VTOL machines in the VSKYLABS fleet!

(to note that the airspeed indicator, which is shown in one of the attached screenshots is intended to show the airspeed in km/h and not knots…it is not a typo but a “work in progress” state, as some decisions are being taken on-the-move…).

In one of the attached screenshots, the VSL H3 is shown flying without a canopy. It is not decided yet, but there is an option that the VSL H3 will be developed also in a *complete* stripped down, ‘open-cockpit’ configuration. This option will be considered down the road.

Hopefully, during next week, a comprehensive showcasing video will be released, along with detailed information regarding the Dynali H3 operational characteristics (performance, handling qualities, systems and engineering information and so forth), so stay tuned!



Additional note:

Entire communities all over the world are facing difficulties, pain or other implications as a result of the COVID-19 situation. VSKYLABS is wishing good health to all, and fast recovery to who ever is facing tough times.

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