VSkyLabs releases Polaris AM-FIB v2 for XP11

Say what you will about VSkyLabs, but they never stop updating their products, quite impressive actually. This week is no different, the team has released a major product update for the Polaris AM-FIB – XP11.

The latest update brings the software up to v2 and features a number of additions and improvements compared to the previous model. Items of note include reworked PBR textures, optimization for VR operations, redesigned flight characteristics for X-Plane’s “Experimental Flight Model” mode, the inclusion of the STMA AutoUpdater plugin, and more.

As usual, the update is completely free of charge for existing users and the new installer should be available via your store account. Alternatively, the aircraft (or boat, or whatever) is priced at $19.50 USD and is available via Sellfy.

Please see below for an update changelog and some new images.

  • General:

    • STMA Autoupdater plugin was added to the project.

  • Flight dynamics:

    • re-designed and tuned for X-Plane 11 Experimental flight model environment.

    • Ground and water handing tuneup.

  • Internal Engineering:

    • Project internal architecture was updated to allow future updates within the project’s development road-map.

  • 3D modeling:

    • Improved PBR textures all around.

  • Systems, Interactivity and VR:

    • Pilot figure conversion for VR operations (no-head operations).

    • Passenger was added (visuals + physical weight), including on-the-fly loading/unloading of the passenger (by clicking on her seat in VR/3D cockpit mode).

    • Parking brakes added to allow comfortable operation on inclined surfaces. Parking brakes interaction zones are the left portion of the boat, and/or the Brakes icon on the Smartphone.

    • Manual throttle was added, located in-front and on-top of the pilot’s head, allowing manual throttle operation with VR touch controllers.

    • Control bar control using VR touch controllers was added.

    • GNS 530 was removed.

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Source: VSkyLabs, Sellfy, Facebook

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