Wide Body Sim Development Airbus A350 XWB, Clarification

[UPDATE: As suspected, we received an e-mail from the guys over at flusinews.de confirming the April Fools joke, great effort!] We have received numerous contacts from readers about the widely publicized Wide Body Sim Development Airbus A350 XWB for Prepar3D V4.4. Moreover, we received a complete press kit via email. Indeed, the website, preview images, and press release all appear professional. Nonetheless, the reason this item has not been reported is that we are unable to confirm the validity of the project. In fact, we are fairly certain it is an elaborate and well put together April Fools joke.

Wide Body Sim Development Airbus A350 XWB Real or Not

But… due to popular demand, we have uploaded the original press release – enjoy!

For even more information about this ‘project,’ visit the Wide Body Sim Development website.

*Image courtesy of Wide Body Sim Development.

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