Windsock + MK-Studios Lisbon for X-Plane 11, Imminent

As previously reported, Windsock Simulations is currently in the process of porting MK-Studios Lisbon to X-Plane 11.  However, it now appears that release is imminent.  According to Windsock, “I just wanted to provide you an update on the release of Lisbon.  We are pretty much ready for release, we are awaiting construction of installers and product pages at our Various venders, rest assured the product should be out this coming week, and at an absolute maximum the week after.”

Windsock MK-Studios Lisbon X-Plane

To read the original status update, see the source post via Facebook.  Alternatively, if you’d like to learn more about the existing version of MK-Studios Lisbon for FSX + Prepar3D V3 or Prepar3D V4, visit the respective product sales page.

*Image courtesy of Windsock Simulations.

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