Windsock + MK-Studios, Lisbon for X-Plane 11

Windsock Simulations is currently in the process of porting MK-Studios Lisbon over to X-Plane 11.  Accordingly, Windsock has posted some new preview images showcasing ongoing conversion progress.  Accompanying the preview images, the developer remarks, “Just some progress shot of our MK Studio Lisbon conversion will be available soon.”

Check out some examples below.

Loading Images

To review the complete set of preview images as well as accompanying commentary, see the source post via the developers Facebook page.  If you’d like to learn more about the existing version of MK-Studios Lisbon for Prepar3D V4 or FSX + Prepar3D V3, visit the applicable product sales page.

*Images courtesy of Windsock Simulations.

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