Windsock posts airport poll and sort of announces Madrid (updated)

Image: Sim-Wings

Update 05/03/2020: The poll has ended and Sim-Wings Madrid wins by a significant margin with 69.2% of the vote.

The team at Windsock Simulations has posted a new poll asking the community for input regarding the developer’s next X-Plane conversion (following Barcelona). As of the time of this writing, it appears Sim-Wings Madrid is the front runner and has sort of been confirmed as the next project.

Please see below for the statement regarding Madrid. Don’t forget to complete the Windsock poll for yourself.

Well Good evening everyone, first of all, thank you for your input into the poll that was put up today regarding the Next Airport after Barcelona. Now I think its safe to say that it looks like the Next Airport after Barcelona will be Madrid Now In the past we have not included compatibility with Spain UHD Mesh Now we have decided that we will try our Hardest to make Madrid compatible with Spain UHD mesh now I have to say is that it will take a little longer than other projects but we feel that we Have to give this a try.

Source: Facebook, Polls for Pages

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