X-Crafts Embraer ERJ Family, Status Update + New Previews

X-Crafts has posted a brief status update and some new preview images from the developers upcoming Embraer ERJ family for X-Plane 11. According to X-Crafts, development has been slowed slightly due to real life work obligations. Nonetheless, the developer clarifies, “In theory, I could have released these a while ago, but there would be a ton of stuff missing, there would be a lot of bugs, everyone would have been disappointed, and I would have to spend all my time in the tech support forum! And that is not what I want!” As such, the intent is to make the initial release as stable and complete as possible.

Moreover, the developer explains that the project is already in a “better state” than the existing E175 and E195 due to input from six real world ERJ pilots.

Anyways, check out the first ever previews of the E135, E140, and E145XR.

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As usual, no release timeline has been provide nor is one expected.

To view the complete set of preview images and accompanying commentary, jump to page 18 of the project development thread via x-plane.org.

For those interested, the aircraft was last previewed back in March.

*Images courtesy of X-Crafts.

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